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Our further pricing elements

Starting Prices

Please see below, the home owner services we offer and our starting prices for these –

Single Defect Structural Report

If you have known defects in the property, highlighted by a previous survey such as a Home Buyers report. Our engineer will inspect and produce a report highlighting the cause and recommending any remedial action required. Site visit included in the price.

£450 Inc Vat 

Full Structural Report

Usually required for buying and selling a property, this will be a full structural inspection of the property. Our engineer will inspect the entire property, taking note of the construction type and defects throughout. A report will then be produced summarising the findings and recommending and remedial action if required. Site visit included in the price.

£595 Inc Vat


These will be needed for domestic projects where structural changes are to be made within a building. This could be calculations for beams or columns, where support is required after removal of walls, chimney breasts etc. 

These will be created either from drawings provided by yourself where possible or from a site visit which our engineer will attend and charged at £225 Inc Vat. 

No report will be produced, only calculations.

£175 Inc Vat

Price List

Category Element Price inc VAT Multiples inc VAT
Site visit Applicable to Projects £225 £225
Steel Beam £175 £100
Column £175 £100
Lintel £175 £100
Wind-post £175 £100
Bi-fold Door Beam £200 £150
Bi-fold Door Frame £250 £200
Concrete Beam £175 £100
Column £175 £100
Proprietary Pre-stressed Lintel £175 £100
Reinforced Concrete detailing Priced separately
Timber Beam £175 £100
Column £175 £100
Floor joists and trimmers £175 £100
Roof joists and trimmers £175 £100
Connections Priced separately
Masonry Wall Panel £175 £100
Load bearing column £175 £100
Foundations Unreinforced strip foundation £175 £100
Unreinforced pad foundation £175 £100
Existing foundation assessment £175 £100
Raft foundation and drawings Priced separately
Retaining Walls Reinforced Concrete £300 £300
Grouted Cavity £300
Mass masonry £300
Proprietary retaining walls £300
Reports Single defect report £450
Full structural report £595
Site Investigation Coal mining risk assessment £450
Flood Risk Assessment £500


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Tel: 0333 014 2926
Email: info@matrixce.co.uk

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