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Who we are, what we do, and why we are great to work with.

About Matrix Consulting Engineers

About Us

We are a firm of consulting Civil and Structural Engineers who are committed to achieving the highest possible levels of client satisfaction by providing outstanding Engineering design services.

We are committed to the pursuit of Excellence in Engineering and client satisfaction, adopting an innovative and collaborative approach to the services we provide, which includes:

  • Structural, Civil, Highways, Drainage, Geotechnical, Environmental and Temporary Works Engineering design and reporting services
  • Quality Management System, accredited to BSI ISO 9001
  • Information Management System, up to BIM Level 3, ISO 19650 certified with BSI 
  • Staff to fulfil the various, rail-related project management positions, including those of CEMs and CREs
  • Expert witness services

Meet The Directors

Andrew Hoyland

Managing Director
BSc (Hons) DIS CEng MIStructE MCIHT

Andrew’s principal experience in his technical role is to lead structural and other, multidisciplinary engineering teams that provide, from inception to completion, all the engineering services necessary to deliver building projects of any size, both nationally and internationally.  Commonly, these teams, in addition to Structural Engineers, include Civil, Geotechnical, Environmental, Traffic, Highways, Transportation, Infrastructure, Waste Water, Mechanical, Electrical, Public Health, Acoustic and Fire Engineers.   The size of the project for which he is responsible varies up to a maximum of £200m and, on a frequent basis, also acts as an expert witness for building-related civil disputes and criminal investigations.

During his career, Andrew has been responsible for delivering projects in the Residential, Rail, Defence, Education, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Leisure, Defence, Nuclear and Telecommunications sectors

Liam Hoyland


Liam’s principal experience in his technical role is as a Structural/Civil Engineer, specialising in the use of linear and non-linear 3D frame and finite element analyses using Tekla Structural Designer, ROBOT, Dlubal RFEM 6 and IDEA Statica, and the detailing of projects using REVIT, up to BIM Level 3, AutoCAD 2018 and 3D/4D concept illustrations using Sketchup, 3DS Max, Recap and Vray, across multiple teams, including Building Structures, Bridges, Highways, Flood alleviating and prevention.  He is experienced in the detailing of structural steelwork, reinforced concrete, masonry, timber, drainage and highways.  During his career, Liam has been involved in delivering projects in the Residential, Rail, Education, Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Leisure and Defence sectors

In addition, as a Company Director, Liam is also responsible for marketing, client management, financial control, business development and business management.

Our Values

Our Aim

Our aim is to deliver schemes on your behalf that are:

  • Safe
  • Sustainable
  • Economic
  • Efficient
  • Elegant

Our Approach

The approach we take with clients and other professionals within the building industry is:

  • Innovative
  • Non-confrontational
  • Collaborative

This approach enables us to generate creative solutions to your problems and establishes long-term, productive relationships, so that we are always our clients’ first choice of consultant.

Our People

We recognise that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to the quality of the individuals we employ.

Our staff are trained to have both the necessary technical skills and the right interpersonal qualities, to ensure they can develop a rapport and excellent relationships with those who they work with.

Our Business

As each client and each project have their own unique demands, we have adapted our business to meet a disparate range of projects, including those for:

  • Small and large businesses
  • Multinational corporations
  • Local authorities and government bodies

We achieve this by adopting our flexible and unique Engineering Management System, that incorporates our:

  • Quality Management System, accredited to BSI ISO 9001
  • Building Information Management System, up to BIM Level 3, ISO 19650 certified with BSI

Our Clients


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