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Bridge Design

Innovative Structural Engineering & Architectural Bridge Solutions

Bridge Design Services by Matrix Consulting Engineers

Matrix Consulting Engineers offers comprehensive bridge design solutions utilising the latest technologies and digital design techniques. Our experienced team has delivered successful bridge projects across the UK for clients in the commercial, defence, environmental, industrial, and rail sectors.

Revit Bridge Design Expertise

We leverage powerful Revit software and Building Information Modeling (BIM) to produce highly-detailed 3D models for bridge structures of any type – vehicular, pedestrian, truss, suspension and more. Revit bridge design allows our engineers to visualise and analyse every component with precision before construction begins.

Rail Foot Bridge Design

Bridge Design Capabilities

Our multidisciplinary bridge designers work seamlessly with civil, structural, highway, rail and other engineers to develop functional and cost-effective solutions tailored to each project’s requirements.

Case Studies


Bridge Design Case Study Example

Past Projects

Bridge Design Process

Definition of project scope, requirements, and key stakeholder input
Direction Arrows
Step 01
Site surveys, geotechnical investigation, and data collection
Direction Arrows
Step 02
Concept design development and 3D modeling
Direction Arrows
Step 03
Structural analysis and code compliance review
Direction Arrows
Step 04
Final technical design documentation and approved drawings
Direction Arrows
Step 05
Construction support and project handover
Step 06
Selby Bridge Design

Why Work with Us?

By partnering with Matrix’s bridge design team, clients benefit from:

Matrix Consulting Engineers takes pride in developing lasting client relationships built on responsiveness and attention to detail. Our bridge designers prioritise clear communication every step of the way to ensure your vision is realised.


Please fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your new project.

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